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Canchy Sdn Bhd was founded by Hasif Hamzi, a former engineer who has passion in business. He ventured into the food and beverages industry at the age of 22. Before Canchy, he founded two products, Chan Rak Ter and Chanrakies. Chan Rak Ter is the infamous Chan Rak Ter, a beverage cocktail originated from the land of smiles, Thailand. Meanwhile Chanrakies is a cereal mixed chocolate product and it was founded years back when chocolate-based snacks were a hype.

Hasif then moved on to the savoury side of snack production. Hence, Canchy was founded. Canchy is a savoury chip product that is coated with salted egg powder. With the slogan “Canchy will make you happy”, Hasif wants to give happiness to the people through food. He wants the consumers to experience the wholesome experience while indulging into this nation’s no. 1 salted egg snack.

He managed to achieve 1 million sales at the young age of 24 years-old in 2017 only by selling other people’s products. In 2018, he joined Millionaire Marketing Mastery (MMM) and he is one of the mentees of Dr Azizan Osman and a year later, he has involved in a programme by Sifufbads called Sifufbads Apprentice and able to make sales of RM300,000 thus enabling him to join Sifufbads CEO programme. Now at the age 29, he has helped more than two thousand people to generate their own income to overcome their financial constraints apart from helping them to become young entrepreneurs at a young age by helping them to become successful in doing business.

This young entrepreneur strives to make his customers fully satisfied with his products and customer service all-time round. As someone with no business background, he wants to help other people to be successful and ease their economic burden by venturing into business although one does not have a business background. As long as they have the determination to learn, he welcomes people to start doing business under Canchy Sdn Bhd.

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