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Todak is not an unusual name in Malaysia’s gaming industry. This company has built up its brand since 2017 and have taken part in international events and done collaborations with local artists. This company provides all the gaming gears and streaming accessories besides giving solutions for eSports & live streaming needs.

Their nature of business is unlike other companies that have been awarded in 100 Top Young CEO. They do general trading or distributor, and they are the supplier of computer software and systems. Besides that, they do security systems and repairing service apart from giving consultancy service. It doesn’t stop there.

They sold gaming gear like chairs, peripherals and smart glass in providing the best gaming products to their customers. For eSports fashion enthusiasts, they also sold apparel ranging from different styles and occasions; eSports, active, street to different categories of products like bags and accessories. They do custom remote control drift cars as well for RC car fans.

One thing that this company has in common with other companies is that they also strive to help more people to generate their own income. Hence, Todak Troopers were born. Todak Troopers are the outsourced agents that they recruited. These agents then provide digital marketing service for the company.

This company aims to become the preferred esports & live streaming solution provider and to become the No. 1 esports & live streaming brand in Malaysia and Asia in 2031. They are the organiser of Todak League, an organised esports tournament that is open to people of all ages nationwide. Players can not only compete but also can train to become professional eSports players. Soon to become the platform for live streamers, casters & hosts. Season 1 of the league was conducted from April to June 2021 with a total of over 3400 teams participating in the league.

Living by their motto, Langgar (Breaking the Limits) was taken after the legendary incident of swordfish attack in Singapore. Up to this rate, the company langgar on making its way to the top of the industry not only in Malaysia but also worldwide. They have collaborated with local hip-hop group from Sabah, K-Clique in 2021. In 2019, just two years after their establishment, Todak went to the United States to join Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Now, Todak Culture is still pacing their way to the top of industry in making their vision and mission to become a reality.

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