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Obsess Cosmetics is one of the successful beauty and health brands in Malaysia. It was founded in 2016 in the small town of Jerantut, Pahang. In that same year, this brand was awarded as the Cosmetics Brand of The Year and year by year she has been gaining recognition due to its reputable product and the determination and hard work of its founder, Hafizatul Atikah.

At the beginning of its launch, they only sold one product and it has become a huge hit till this day. It’s called the DD Cushion Foundation and it’s formulated with olive oil which has become the staple ingredient in most of its products today. She also launched six shades of lip matte in 2016.

The following year, Obsess Cosmetics did a product collaboration with two of the renowned nation’s make-up artists, Nuex Rosli and Syedewa. Their partnership has launched a special edition range of lipstick products called Love Liquid Lipstick. The company’s product range has expanded to the launching of its first makeup set called Special Pink Box consisting of all of your essential makeup needs! There are 2 varieties of makeup boxes. The customers will get 6 items for each set. There is duo eyeshadow stick, mascara, blusher stick (Blush Me Softly), lip matte, lip tint and duo makeup remover or what they call it the Make Up Melt Away that is infused with Centella Asiatica extract. They also have introduced people to their cushion foundation compact and Obsess Loose Powder that is used as makeup base to cover imperfections on the face.

In October 2018, this beauty and health company became the main sponsor for a popular reality show, Dewi Remaja in search of the next winner to pursue a career in entertainment and modelling industry. The brand has become more renowned ever since. In December 2018, Hafizatul Atikah was awarded by Nona for its outstanding achievement as an entrepreneur.

In 2019, Obsess Cosmetics launched its second makeup set that fits to bring for travelling – cushion foundation, loose powder + 2 colours of lip matte. They also come out with Tinted Lip Oil Cushion that helps in moisturising and colourized lips naturally. In conjunction with the founder’s birthday in October, Obsess Cosmetics has come out with a special birthday edition of lip matte set. At the end of that year, they also launched Eyes Cream Stick or cream eyeshadow and 3 shades of blusher inspired by flowers’ names suiting different skin tones. The following years, Obsess Cosmetics continue to cater the needs of consumers through a wider range and variety of its products.

After years of focusing on production and selling cosmetics, Hafizatul decided to open up a sub company for skincare called Obsess Skin in 2021. Under this sub-company, they have introduced people to their cleansing balm. There are three different varieties; Original, Aloe Vera and Berry. Then, they also launched Fluffy Puff, a makeup removing puff made of microfiber that is gentle even for sensitive skin. They want to emphasise not only the beauty of makeup but also the importance of skin by removing makeup thoroughly and properly through deep and double cleansing.

In achieving its vision and mission, she strives to make the agents to become more knowledgeable and have skill thus, she gives initiative to help them. Thus, she has conducted direct coaching sessions with the Founder and CEO, and also with other Master Trainers and leaders of the Obsess Team.

In showing appreciation for her employees and product agents, the company not only conducts annual dinners but also sponsors Umrah Package and treats them for company trips apart from holding annual dinner and lucky draw events. The company also does CSR projects to the needy people around Malaysia and has done it since 2016. At the end of March 2022, Obsess Cosmetics launched their special edition of Peach makeup palette. Obsess Cosmetics has always been in the eyes of local makeup enthusiasts for its high-quality makeup that is just worth every penny.

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