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Mrs. Norshaznina Ibrahim or known as Memsu started doing business in 2016. She’s very passionate about doing business thus, she started with selling other people’s products. She started as a stockist of a variety of products. She has sold jewellery, mp4 players for kids, makeup, and bar soaps.

Her main aim is to create more entrepreneurs. She also conducts seminars and meetings with her team leaders, agents and stockists in training them from time to time to help them understand the flow of business. She also wants to create high-quality entrepreneurs and then graduate to become business owners in the future. She has the vision and mission to assist other people especially housewives who want to help their husbands to generate more income for the family.

She wants people to join her company in becoming agents to develop their own self skills in doing business. Focus on guiding agents with programmes like seminars, classes, workshops, and training to the team from time to time while being assisted directly by Memsu and Tuan Mat as the main mentor in Moksumall Platform.

Alongside her husband, Tuan Muhammad Nurzulhisham Tuan Ismail who acted as the company’s advisor, she started selling her own product in 2018. It’s their best-seller product with many uses and health benefits towards oneself, Jamu Kerasak. Later in 2020, they changed their infamous product name to Kapsul Herba Moksumall (Moksumall Herb Capsul). This product consists of natural ingredients; Pegaga, Habatus Sauda, Akar Serapat, Tumeric, Kacip Fatimah, Mengkudu, and Manjakani. It can not only be taken as a dietary supplement, but also used as a face masker as it contains only natural ingredients in the capsules.

Moksumall now has four products in the market which are the Kapsul Herba Moksumall, JK Love Coffee, JK Fresh Feminine Wash and recently launched 3-in-1 Moksumall Lip Matte. JK Love Coffee helps in giving strength and energy throughout the day. JK Fresh Feminine Wash cares for ladies’ intimate parts with three selections of fragrance; Apple, Strawberry, and Vanilla. The lip matte on the other hand was recently launched in February 2022. It has the 5 variety of pretty colours to choose from.

Moksumall strives to help people to start doing business with Moksumall and now they have more than 4700 registered agents nationwide. They were featured in talk shows, Borak Kopitiam (TV3), THR Gegar, Kelantan FM and newspapers (Kosmo, and Utusan Malaysia). Memsu and her husband made an appearance recently in TV AlHijrah in promoting their products.

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