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Dn’S Beauty Solution was founded in Seri Manjung, Perak in December 2017. They are known for their best-selling Vitamin C supplement, VGlow. Initially, this company sold skincare products and cosmetics before Vitamin C tablets for adults and children consumption was launched. Now they’ve a wider range of products made available and this includes venturing into the food and beverage industry.

The founder, Nur Jauhatul Dinnie Mohamed Johari wants to recruit more distributing agents among housewives that are interested in generating income through the use of online platforms such as WhatsApp and social media such as Facebook. It is their mission to help more people in making money to sustain, especially during these tough times. They provide training on online business and marketing strategies to those who are keen to join as distributing agents.

Their top-selling product is the supplement range. VGlow Advance Formula Brightening is one of their best-sellers from then until now. It consists of sakura powder, tomato extract, berry extract, strawberry extract and vitamin C in helping to boost one’s immune system apart from having glowing skin. Then, they also come out with supplements for children called Super Kidz and another vitamin supplement called Glow Skinz in helping to fade scars and increase collagen. A total of more than 1 million bottles of supplement have been sold throughout the year 2021.

Customers can still get their skincare products that can help to treat skin concerns such as acne prone skin. The set is called Acne Booster in helping to treat and fight acne problems. This set comprises Acnex Triple Cleanser, Acnex Lock Serum, and Acnex Moisturiser. They also launched Rice Milk Glow Mask. This masker helps to brighten skin, fading scars and absorb excess oil on skin. For extra face and body care, Dn’S has come out with a Haura range, Haura Whitening Lotion and Haura Face & Body Scrub. For cosmetics, Dn’s sells foundation called Feel Me Foundation. It comprises olive oil, licorice extract, and kaolin clay that helps to give perfect coverage in concealing flaws on skin.

Dn’S really pushed themselves out of the usual environment of beauty and products to another industry which is the food and beverage industry. They started selling dried anchovy sambal, Sambal Bilis Garing Ketagih. This new product has caused a big boom in sales for this company especially during Ramadan as people stock up their sambal for break fast.

Dn’s recruits agents and stockists all year round. They have been really pushing themselves from beauty and health to the food and beverage industry in giving the best service and products tallying to the customers’ demands.

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